Why Do People Do Hostile Profiling?

The recent global Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on the way organised criminals are operating and the crimes they are committing. Our webinar will provide an up-to-date picture on these important developments in order to inform your current work.

Operational Intelligence and Threat Analysis Management Consultants The Technium Global [TTG], will discuss the importance attached to the use of Hostile Profiling by companies and organisations to help minimise risk and improve their existing security posture. The talk will provide insights into what exactly “Hostile Profiling” is, why companies and organisations use this service and for what ends. Michael will explain the importance in today's context and cover its legal application. The talk will conclude by highlighting the benefits of Hostile Profiling for companies and organisations choosing to commission such a service.


Michael Hoddy is a Director and co-Founder of The Technium Global [TTG]. He has many decades of extensive national and international experience working with a wide range of companies and organisations in both regulated and un-regulated markets. He is a passionate advocate in helping clients find effective solutions to problems and advises on all aspects of Information Technology, Security and Technological Innovation focusing on minimising risk and optimising efficiencies as well as challenging existing thinking to help clients identify improvements and demonstrate value where TTG excels at delivering practical and commercial advice.

Besides being a Silver Sponsor of The FSC, TTG have previously sponsored, organised and delivered several innovative Cyber Security Events in The City, focussing primarily on the challenges and risks associated with Social Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Insider Threat and how criminals are focussing their efforts to monetise the intelligence they gain by conducting active reconnaissance of their targets. The jewel in this crown is the very successful Cyber Incursion event, held at The Honourable Artillery Company HQ in The City with the world famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick as the key guest speaker. https://www.cyberincursion.com/

Thursday, 08 October 2020

11:00 - 11:45 London Time


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    Michael Hoddy
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