An Events Programme

  • A Forum where the leading industry thinkers provide an up to date assessment of key events and developments likely to affect the future of the Financial Services Industry, over drinks and refreshments in a "Club" atmosphere.
  • An Opportunity to discuss key topics and gain greater understanding of current and emerging areas of Political, Economy, Society and Technology change which may directly influence the future of your firm.

A Networking Opportunity

  • A Peer Group to promote and exchange of views.
  • A Discussion with key futurists and innovators to broaden your range of contacts.

Information Services

A General Information Service which provides a Daily News, access to the Club's blog written by Chris Skinner the Financial Services Club Chairman and featuring Key Opinion and Comment.

A Private Information Service available only to Club Members which includes an extended and customisable news service, access to all previous event presentations and one click registration for all club events. It is planned that this service will also provide an expanding and extensive searchable library of relevant Information as well as the facility to allow members to publish their own relevant material. Members will also be able to advertise details of the services they can provide or skills and services they wish to procure.

The Internet Service www.shapingtomorrow.com that assists in predicting critical changes for any business that wants to prepare for and shape the future will also be available to members.

So how do I join?

Other Services - Private networking dinners, on-site services and events, provision of speakers and other services are available through the Club. For further information, please email james_pitcher@fsclub.co.uk.