ID, A Digital Identity Service By Mastercard – Your Digital Identity, Your Choice

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In a hyper connected digital world identification becomes foundational for all that we do. This is frequently friction-filled, troublesome and insecure, characterized by hundreds of accounts and passwords, and undermined by a rising tide of identity fraud and data breaches.

In this new world, Mastercard seeks to lead the creation of a collaborative user centric new trust ecosystem, to allow all types of digital interactions, where user data will be verified in a secure and privacy sensitive way. From getting access to public services like education or health, to seamless travel around the world, to interacting with financial services. That is ID by Mastercard.

In strong collaboration with government and other private sector partners, we are providing a service where you as user will create your own digital identity, based on the data that you choose to share, having always full control of it, at your hand, only stored in your mobile device and your direct control over the way to simply and securely validate that you are you. Protecting your right to decide what to share and when to share it. Because you should be the owner of you.


Dan Johnson is vice president, Identity Products for Mastercard based in London. He is a key leader in Mastercard’s initiative to create an effective, efficient and principled model of digital identity in an increasingly connected world. His team is helping to define how a person’s identity, and the entities operating on their behalf, can be verified immediately, safely and securely, across multiple touchpoints in both the digital and physical worlds.

Prior to joining Mastercard, Mr. Johnson was head of digital identity at HSBC Digital Solutions, where he worked with the UK government and a public/private consortium to define a multi-sector, multi-jurisdiction digital identity ecosystem designed to streamline cross-border bank account opening. He has also held senior IT and project management roles at Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital and the General Medical Council.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

11:00 - 11:45 GMT



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    Dan Johnson
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