Humanity Detection In Digital Advertising, Utilising Smart Ledgers

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Global digital advertising spend was expected to reach £228bn ($299bn) in 2020, generating an estimated £1.84tn ($2.4tn) in sales revenue. However digital marketing campaigns are subject to average losses due to fraud and missing clicks of 30% (and, in extreme cases, some enterprises have reported 50% or more of clicks as bot clicks). Such activity, often referred to as click-fraud, means that many companies are losing significant amounts of their marketing spend - sometimes knowingly and sometimes not.

The market size and growth tempt criminals into creating technology and techniques to steal money from the advertisers and financial transactions, fuelling a global problem permeating the digital industry and causing losses to skyrocket. Current counter-measure solutions work by identifying fraudulent activity after it happens, looking to block it next time around.

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At Beacon we are exploring the commercial and technical viability of combining three innovative technologies - Artificial Intelligence, Digital Journey Mapping and Smart Ledgers - to create a Digital Humanity Determination Platform. The objective is to bring about a step-change in significantly reducing online fraud from non-human actors by verifying whether a specific digital action is carried out by a human being. At Beacon we believe that 'proof of humanity' in the transaction is a more certain and consistent approach, rather than engaging in a never-ending war of 'bot-detection' attrition with the criminal actors and bots often one step ahead.

In this webinar we examine the economic, technical, and societal impacts of digital advertising fraud, and discuss the scope for humanity detection in other industries and market sectors.


Nigel Bridges an experienced executive and advisor with a successful track record of growing technology businesses internationally. His key focus is on the Scale-Up stage of Software and Services businesses, transforming them through a clear agreed strategy, designing and delivering robust sales, delivery and operational processes to provide the platform for transformation and growth.

Nigel has worked at senior leadership level in both larger corporates and SMEs; and has been the CEO of a number of high-growth technology and services companies including Brains Direct / Endava, DTM, and Whitespace before co-founding Beacon.

Stewart Boutcher has experience of working within agencies and enterprise clients since 1995 at project manager and board level; leading the delivery of coherent, measured digital strategies to effect organisational change and enable cohesive digital communications, focused on effective user engagement strategies through big data, solid machine learning & data science disciplines.

Complementary to his position as Chief Technology Officer and Data Lead at Beacon, Stewart is a member of DMA North Council, leading their “Artificial Engagement” project. He is also Digital Project Lead for the nationally important UK Police Memorial, where Beacon provide technology and data support.

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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

16:00 - 16:45 BST


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    Nigel Bridges
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    Stewart Boutcher
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