Taking Advantage – Using Covid-19 To Move Business, And People, Up A Gear
Webinar - Canada

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Covid—19 has been a crash course in ripple effects, exposing where resilience, and more, has been lost in supply chains, health systems, and credit systems. Things seem brittle, but there are unparalleled opportunities to ‘innovate out’ towards a more robust human and economic environment. Covid-19 presents a challenge to executives: roll back to default patterns out of expedience, if you can? Or move to a new order aware of the unpredictability of complex conditions. Some executives will roll back to expediency; others will make more human-centred decisions. This conversation will explore the steps needed to make decisions meeting human needs while shifting performance to a higher level.


Since 2008 Dawna Jones’s podcasts have hosted many of the world’s leading transformation thought and practice leaders. Dawna is the author of Decision Making for Dummies, a contributor to The The Intelligence of the Cosmos with Ervin Laszlo, From Hierarchy to High Performance, and Great Work Cultures on HuffPo. Compared by some to another Brené Brown, Dawna’s capacity to sense and respond to systems provides novel ways to get past growth constraints and release the full power of the human spirit to serve our world in more generative ways. Dawna Jones’s strategic advisory practice delivers deep insights that inspire new shifts and clear direction. As a transformation mentor, Dawna guides leaders and their organizations past their resistance to achieve larger and more human goals. Contact Dawna Jones at insightdawnajones@gmail.com.

Monday, 01 June 2020

18:00 - 18:45 BST



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