What Is China’s Growth Potential After Covid?
Webinar - Singapore

China’s economic growth slowed from double-digit pre-GFC to about 5% pre-covid, and to likely only 3% in 2022. Is there a permanent structural shift in China’s growth potential? Is there scaring in labor and business? Can China mitigate the long-term secular headwinds such as aging population and carbon reduction? How can China handle the medium-term risks such as housing and debt overhang? Finally we will discuss what these all mean for global investors and businesses.


Gene Ma is the Head of China Research at IIF (Institute of International Finance). At this capacity, Gene maintains regular contacts with Chinese financial institutions and policy makers. Prior to IIF, Gene was a Director of China economics and strategy at Tudor Investment; Managing Director and China economist at ISI Group (Now Evercore ISI); President and chief economist of the CEBM Group (now owned by Caixin); and chief macro analyst at Citic Securities (Beijing). Gene graduated from Peking Univ. and Cornell Univ.

Tuesday, 07 March 2023

10:00 - 10:45 GMT


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  • Gene Ma
    Gene Ma
    Head of China Research