Using AI To Amplify The Accuracy Of Human Forecasters
Webinar - USA

While most AI technologies aim to replace humans with algorithms, Swarm AI is a unique method that amplifies the combined intelligence of human teams, enabling significantly more accurate predictions, forecasts, estimations and decisions. In recent studies performed in collaboration with MIT and Oxford University, financial teams using Swarm AI boosted their accuracy by over 20% when predicting the price of gold, oil, and equity markets. The same technology has been used to forecast product sales, movie box-office, professional sports and political elections, all with significant increases in accuracy. This webinar will introduce the concept of Swarm AI and demonstrate how easy it is for networked business teams to quickly use the technology to amplify the accuracy of their combined insights.


Dr Louis Rosenberg

Dr Louis Rosenberg is the CEO and Chief Scientist of Unanimous AI, a California company that amplifies human intelligence using AI algorithms modeled after natural swarms. Rosenberg earned his PhD from Stanford University focusing on robotics and human-computer interaction. While working as a researcher at U.S. Air Force Laboratories in the early 1990’s, Rosenberg created the ‘Virtual Fixtures’ system, the world’s first Augmented Reality platform. Rosenberg then founded Immersion Corporation (NASDAQ: IMMR), an early Virtual Reality company, and Outland Research, an early Augmented Reality company. Rosenberg also worked as a professor at California State University (Cal Poly), teaching design and entrepreneurship. He has been awarded over 300 patents for his technological efforts across various fields

Dr Ariel Sergio Goekmen-Davidoff

After an uninterrupted, successful and exciting banking career spanning over 34 years in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which took him from the level of office clerk to Member of the Executive Board and CEO of prestigious private banks, Ariel is now self-employed as a partner in a law firm, where he looks after the interests of an international UHNW entrepreneur clientele. He holds positions on several boards of directors in the Swiss wealth management industry and others. He serves inter alia as Vice Chair for the Swiss Capital Market Forum and is an expert for the annual STEP Awards in London. He is a Doctor of Business Administration (Australia), holds an LL.M. degree (Switzerland) and is a STEP member. Ariel is a regular speaker, panelist and moderator at (web-) conferences about the wealth management industry, its trends as well as risk management and wealth protection for the UHNW investor.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

16:00 - 16:45 BST


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  • Louis Rosenberg
    Dr Louis Rosenberg
    CEO and Chief Scientist
    Unanimous AI
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    Dr Ariel Sergio Goekmen-Davidoff
    Lindermann Law