Transforming The Post-Pandemic World

The average company only lives for ten years, even large corporates perish after approximately four decades. A company that hits its 100th birthday has done rather well indeed.

And, yet the cities of London or Paris, Rome or Beijing, have existed for millennia. Post Covid-19, we should therefore refocus our attention on what makes for prosperous cities and towns. These are the real engines of long-term economic development; not the in-vogue digital giants, nor even the elder denizens of industry, e.g. Mercedes, GE, BP or Sony; as we have known them. These commercial entities will all be historical footnotes within a single human lifespan. In this webinar, Robert aims to convey why cities matter and argues for a radical new approach to macro-economic planning, as we enter a brave new post-pandemic world. It really is time to try some new ideas.


Dr Robert Hercock is a Chief Research Scientist in the British Telecommunications Security Research Practice. He has over 20 years’ experience in managing security research projects in the UK, and was theme leader for Networks and Cyber Security in the UK MOD Information Fusion Defence Technology Centre. His research interests include Cyber Security, A.I, Robotics and Complex Adaptive Systems.

He chairs an international workshop on adaptive cyber defence, and has over thirty international publications in AI and security concepts, in addition to 26 filed patents. His latest book is on the theme of resilience and cohesion in social systems: (“Cohesion – The Making of Society ”, available from Amazon.)

Professionally he is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Computer Society, and was previously an Associate Fellow at the Said Business School Oxford University. He has also served for several years as an independent technical expert for the UK Defence Science Advisory Council (DSAC), and was a Business Research Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico. He has also served on the Royal Society Science and Industry Translation committee, which works to promote UK industry and academic knowledge exchange.

Monday, 13 July 2020

11:00 - 11:45


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    Dr Robert Hercock
    Chief Research Scientist
    British Telecommunications Security Research Practice
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