Thinking About, Preparing For, And Responding To Threats To Resilience

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Cityforum 2023 Resilience Series - Webclave One

Background: Thinking about, preparing for and responding to threats to resilience’ is the first discussion in the Cityforum ‘Re-imagining Security and Resilience’ project. This hour-long session is Chaired by Ian Aitchison, a Z/yen specialist with particular interest in maritime. Ian is joined by Dorothy Wickham, a well-known journalist from the Solomon Islands, and Cityforum Associates Hon Franklin D. Kramer and Madeleine Moon, who will extend the conversation further to look at a multitude of hazards including how the climate threat, and the threat to biodiversity is important also in relation to seas and shipping. These dangers and others are converging to produce inescapable challenges for us, resulting in disaster if we do nothing or very little.


Hon Franklin D Kramer is a distinguished fellow and board director of the Atlantic Council. Mr Kramer has served as a senior political appointee in two administrations, including as assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. At the Department of Defense, Mr Kramer was in charge of the formulation and implementation of international defence and political-military policy, with worldwide responsibilities including NATO and Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Mr Kramer’s areas of focus include defence, both conventional and hybrid; NATO and Russia; China, including managing competition, military power, economics and trade, and China-Taiwan-US relations; cyber including resilience and international cyber issues; innovation and national security; and irregular conflict and counterinsurgency.

Dorothy Wickham is a local journalist who has worked in the media industry in Solomon Islands for the last 30 years. She has also written for various international news organisations.

Madeleine Moon represented the Bridgend constituency at Westminster from 2005 to 2019. She joined the Defence Select Committee in 2009. She chaired sub-committees reporting on the safety and welfare of military personnel on training and exercises, the use of Remotely Piloted Air Systems and defence in the Arctic. Madeleine was a member of the UK Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly from 2010, serving as a member of the Defence and Security Committee. She was elected President in November 2018. Since leaving Westminster Madeleine has continued to work in defence facing organisations including City Forum and also joined the European Leadership Network.


Ian Aitchison is a strategic communications specialist and senior advisor to the global shipping industry. A Chartered PR consultant, founder and managing director of Scotch Communications Ltd, Ian draws on a diverse professional background. From Scottish agriculture and land management, military service in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and Media Operations, and international corporate management, to his current mission of cutting the pollution impact of deep-sea shipping by advocating LNG as a marine fuel, Ian is driven by a passion for the natural world and corporate social responsibility.

Friday, 19 May 2023

16:00 - 17:00 BST


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    Hon Franklin D Kramer
    Distinguished Fellow & Board Member
    Atlantic Council
  • Dorothy Wickham
    Dorothy Wickham
    Melanesian News Network
  • Madeleine Moon 2
    Madeleine Moon
    Former Chair
    NATO Parliamentary Assembly
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    Ian Aitchison
    Ian Aitchison Founder & Managing Director
    Scotch Communications