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Nick will provide an overview of how the space and satellite industry touches all of our lives on a daily basis, the services we experience that are provided by satellites, the wider space and satellite community, and funding sources and issues facing new space projects large and small.

Du Chongzhuang, from Xi’an Yangliang National Aviation High-tech Industry, will provide an overview of developments and new innovations in China’s space and aviation industry.


Nick Flitterman is Managing Partner and Head of Telecoms at Portland Advisers, a financial advisory firm focused primarily on project and structured finance across the Telecoms, Infrastructure and Energy sectors. Nick has over 20 years experience acting in senior advisory and lending roles across the spectrum of communications, technology and satellite sectors. He previously held senior roles at the Royal Bank of Scotland, PricewaterhouseCoopers and as Head of Telecoms for the Project & Export Finance team at HSBC. He has advised a broad range of public and private sector clients, with a particular focus and expertise in securing debt finance to fund major infrastructure roll out for start-up businesses in the satellite sector. His recent clients include OneWeb, Iridium, Seaborn Networks and O3b Networks. Nick has a BA (Hons) in International Economics and a Maitrise in International Commerce. He is also an associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA, CGMA) and a regular speaker on the telecom & satellite sector conference circuit.

Mr Du is currently the Deputy Director of China Aviation Industrial Base (CAIB), which is China’s largest aviation industrial cluster. His major responsibility includes investment attraction and international cooperation promotion. He has profound understanding and strong expertise in aviation and is also very well connected in China’s civil aviation industry.


Monday, 22 February 2021

8:30 - 9:30 GMT


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    Nick Flitterman
    Managing Partner
    Portland Advisers
  • Du Chongzhuang.jpg
    Du Chongzhuang
    Deputy Director
    China Aviation Industrial Base
  • michael Mainelli.png
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Executive Chairman
    Z/Yen Group

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