The Share Valuation Worked Examples Group In The Changing Valuation Landscape

The aim of the Share Valuation Worked Examples Group (WEG), a joint initiative with HMRC, is to improve understanding and reduce uncertainty for share valuations for employee share schemes. It follows the withdrawal of the HMRC non-statutory ITEPA Best Estimate and Post Transaction Valuation Check (PTVC) procedures by creating more Share Valuation Worked Examples for general guidance.

An initiative by William Franklin of Pett Franklin with advice from the Esop Centre, the Worked Examples Group (WEG) was formed with expert members nominated by the leading share scheme bodies: ESOP centre; ProShare; Employee Ownership Association (EOA); Share Plans Lawyers Group (SPLG).

In this webinar, William explains the role of the WEG and is place in the changing tax valuation landscape.


William Franklin is an experienced share schemes practitioner and a Chartered Accountant who is widely recognised as a leading adviser on the valuation, accounting and financial aspects of all forms of remuneration, incentive and employee share schemes.

He is a member of the HMRC Employment-Related Securities & Valuations sub-group, a Board Member for the Lexis PSL Share Incentives Consulting Editorial Board and he contributes to Tolley’s Guidance on Employment Taxes and to PLC. William has been appointed as Chairman of the Worked Examples Group, a group of experts who work with HMRC to publish examples of share valuations over a wide range of employee share ownership and employee ownership arrangements. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow for the Esop Centre and a regular speaker at conferences on share schemes and employee ownership. He has a wide background in tax advice and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

Monday, 11 January 2021

11:00 - 11:45 GMT


  • William Franklin, Partner, Pett Franklin
    William Franklin
    Pett Franklin LLP
  • michael Mainelli.png
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Executive Chairman
    Z/Yen Group Limited