Sandboxes? Where’s The Software?

Sandbox technology provides corporations an easy way to integrate third-party suppliers into their technology stack. Find out how governments and financial institutions are implementing sandboxes and Digital Twins to enable rapid experimentation and accelerate digital transformation through improved data agility. Matt Allan, Founder at Sandpit, will discuss these issues, and how Sandboxes can be used in other industries like healthcare, telecommunications, and manufacturing.


Matt Allan is the Founder & CTO at Sandpit, helping financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation through faster collaboration.

In 2020, Sandpit launched Europe's first Digital Sandbox with the Financial Conduct Authority and City of London Corporation. With over 200 companies involved, the Digital Sandbox was recommended by the Kalifa review to permanently support the UK economy.

Previously, Matt worked in institutional banking in London and Sydney in cybersecurity and then in fintech partnerships. While helping FinTechs grow, he experienced first-hand the challenge FinTechs face to partner with banks. With this experience, he set up Sandpit to help accelerate digital transformation for banks and regulators.

Thursday, 26 August 2021

9:00 - 9:45 BST


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    Matt Allan
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