Purpose-Led Business Models For The 21st Century

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Background: We live in a world where money buys power and where companies exist to maximise shareholder value. Our speakers explore alternative business models with ‘Purpose’ at their core, as an essential component in delivering a world where outcomes are reflective of social as well as economic “good”.

Annika Schneider, International Partnerships Lead at Purpose Economy, and Andrew Kaufmann, Founder of Time to Give Network will share their insights into the common challenges facing participants in the purpose economy and charitable sectors, and how innovative solutions utilising Stewardship Governance, Skilled-Based Fundraising and Leveraged Philanthropy are catalysts to building a more balanced world.


Andrew Kaufmann has over 35 years of experience in the financial services markets, both in New York and London. Andrew began his career in Banking and Finance before turning to a career in software and services sales to the financial services industry in the USA and UK. The founding of the Time to Give Network is a culmination of Andrew’s professional experiences and the many valuable relationships that he has forged over his career. He was determined to find a new and better way to facilitate valuable connections while also delivering a unique charitable giving channel.

The Time to Give Network is a powerful platform that accelerates personal and business development goals in return for charitable donations. This not-for-profit network transforms how the financial services community and its ecosystem connect for the benefit of charitable causes.

Our platform accelerates business development, supports market research activities, provides expert assistance or mentoring and much more.

As a business graduate, Annika Schneider experienced again and again an economic system that prioritizes profits above all else. A system in which employees are regarded as interchangeable resources and founders are only successful if they reach astronomical wealth through an exit. Weary of this one-dimensional narrative and willing to commit to an economy that works for people and planet, Annika joined PURPOSE in 2019. She leads Purpose’s international partnerships, engaging with entrepreneurs across the globe. Annika is deeply passionate about the transformative power of steward-ownership to address systemic issues and fill workplaces with renewed energy and proactivity worldwide.

Purpose is a network of organizations that serve a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, and citizens who believe companies should remain independent and purpose-driven over the long-term. Our mission is to make steward-ownership and alternative financing accessible to entrepreneurs, investors, and lawyers all over the world. Our projects include: developing new legal forms for steward-ownership, creating investment vehicles dedicated to supporting steward-owned companies, building supportive infrastructures for research and education, and working directly with companies on their paths to steward-ownership.

Our work combines non-profit research and infrastructural development with for-profit advising and investment activities. Our for-profit entities are structured as steward-owned companies, so no individual in the Purpose organization financially profits from our successes. Both of our investment vehicles are designed to keep capital costs low to ensure capital and services remain accessible for mission-driven companies.

Tuesday, 11 June 2024

15:00 - 15:45 BST



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