Portfolio Protection & Securities Class Actions: I'll Opt For A Slice!

One element of investing in companies is risk. Most often, this is a result of the market forces at work such as a company’s financial performance. However, there are times when portfolio value is affected by factors outside the market, such as corporate misrepresentations.

When value is wrongly affected, securities class actions may be a means of compensating investors for a loss that was outside of thee market’s control. The remedies available depend on where any class or group action is brought.

In this webinar, the types of jurisdictions will be reviewed as will the options available to investors, institutional or otherwise. The review will also consider the costs and risks involved in getting involved with class or group litigation.


David Seidel is the Chief Executive and Chief General Counsel of iiTRA, an outsourcing organisation that assists institutional investors with the management of their investment and security class action rights. Since iiTRA was established, he has been helping a number or institutional investors.

David is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales as well as a barrister and solicitor in Ontario, Canada. He holds degrees in English literature and law from York University, Toronto.

He was formerly head of legal services and company secretary for what became Cancer Research UK. He later worked in financial services for what were film tax partnerships.

Friday, 17 July 2020

11:00 - 11:45


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    David Seidel
    Chief Executive and Chief General Counsel
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