Covid-19 Online HealthCare Solutions: Complementing The Frontline?

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Alan Hughes of KPMG’s International healthcare team will review the online care sector, in conversation with Professor Michael Mainelli. The lack of testing and PPE combined with high death rates increased the use of remote care globally during covid-19, redirecting care volumes from frontline care staff. Airlines, retail, and financial services moved various services online many years ago but healthcare services lagged behind, though notably ahead in areas like alarm handling and remote monitoring. Chatbots, teleservices, and callines are common in many sectors, and reaching healthcare. Covid-19 is seen by many in healthcare as a beneficial catalyst to accelerate online care adoption into mainstream healthcare, as well as tracing apps and covid health passports. More widespread adoption might even spur further technological takeup in areas such as machine-learning and scan diagnoses.

So, are online care solutions such as telehealth for remote monitoring and telemedicine for remote consultations here to stay? Where is the consumer, the patient… in all of this? Who has been raising capital and driving dealflow? Will healthcare provision and economic drivers be more closely aligned post-Covid-19? Join us for these questions and more, as well as Alan’s thoughts on what it takes for new entrants to survive and what investors need to consider.


Alan Hughes brings 20 years of international healthcare advisory, working alongside thought leaders and policymakers on the latest international trends. He is a regular panelist and healthcare commentator at conferences and summits in Europe and the Gulf.

For 12 years he has worked as a healthcare management consultant and policy strategist at KPMG. Prior this he was in Investment Banking working on 30 M&A healthcare transactions across Life Sciences, nursing, community and online care.

More recently, Alan has been working with four Ministries of Health in Europe on Healthcare policy reform - one of these roles involved supporting the country’s Covid-19 strategy team on testing.

Alan served for four years on the National Children’s Hospital Board in Dublin and has a BA International (Econ) from University College Dublin and an MBA from London Business School.

Friday, 12 June 2020

12:00 - 12:45


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    Alan Hughes
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
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