Launch Of Smart Centres Index 7
SCI Launch - Kazakhstan

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In this webinar, we launch the seventh edition of the Smart Centres Index (SCI 7). The SCI is designed to track the development of technology and financial centres across the world in their support for and readiness for new technology applications.

Investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, media, academics, governments, and regulators can attune their cities to attract innovation and growth in Science, Technology, Energy Systems, Machine Learning, Distributed Ledgers, or Fintech. Tuning a city for innovation is complex. Z/Yen began studying successful and unsuccessful business innovation clustering some 15 years ago, and published in 2018 the Smart Jurisdictions Index. Building on the results of that research we have created a novel factor assessment index based on three dimensions - innovation support, creative intensity, and delivery capability.

The SCI is designed to track the readiness of business centres across the world to support new technology businesses. The SCI uses assessments from private and public sector individuals, along with over 120 instrumental factors, to rate the centres. This important project that will grow substantially as more people pay attention to the ways centres can help globally innovative businesses thrive in rapidly changing times.


09:00 Welcome and Introduction, Ian Harris, Director, Z/Yen Group

09:05 Promoting Technology in Astana, Bekzhan Mutanov, Director of the Tech Hub, AIFC Authority

09:15 Smart Centres Index 7 Results, Mike Wardle, Chief Executive Officer, Z/Yen Group

09:30 Observations, Ian Harris, Director, Z/Yen Group

09:35 Questions, Comments, and Answers

09:45 Close

Thursday, 25 May 2023

9:00 - 9:45 BST


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  • Mike 3 (2)-min.jpg
    Mike Wardle
    Chief Executive Officer
    Z/Yen Group
  • Bekzhan Mutanov
    Bekzhan Mutanov
    Director Of The Tech Hub
    AIFC Authority
  • Ian Harris
    Ian Harris
    Z/Yen Group