How To Create A Knowledge City – Evidence From London’s Flat White Economy

Growth cities in the Western world are increasingly based on the knowledge economy. London since the financial crisis has created its own knowledge based economy, heavily based on the creative sector that formerly dominated the East End of London. Douglas McWilliams wrote the best selling book ‘The Flat White Economy’ about the economic revival of London’s East End. In this webinar, he talks about the lessons that can be learned from it and from experience elsewhere.


Douglas McWilliams is currently Deputy Chairman of Cebr, the UK economics consultancy which he founded. He is also a member of the Advisory board of e-Propelled, one of the USA’s leading startups.

His book ‘The Flat White Economy’ (2015) topped the Amazon Business and Law Best Seller List and explains how the UK economy is becoming increasingly driven by the digital sector. His more recent book, The Inequality Paradox, was published by the Overlook Press in New York in November 2018 and was released in the UK in September 2019. He has also published Driving the Silk Road (whitefox) about his adventures on the Peking Paris Endurance Rally in December 2019 and the economies through which he drove..

He was the Gresham Professor of Commerce, chosen from over 300 applicants, in 2013/14. His lectures achieved record attendances and downloads for a Gresham Professor.

Before founding Cebr in 1993, Douglas McWilliams was the Chief Economic Adviser at the CBI. He was also the Chief Economist of IBM UK.

Monday, 07 June 2021

11:00 - 11:45 BST


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    Douglas McWilliams
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