How Does Government Use Corporate Finance Techniques To Support Taxpayers?

Government uses corporate finance techniques to generate proceeds from asset sales, maintain financial stability, open new markets for investment and a range of other purposes. This offers a fascinating variety of professional opportunities in government departments and agencies, and professional advisory mandates. The National Audit Office will explain they recently published a guide to corporate finance in the public sector and how this can support senior leaders working in the public sector to apply the appropriate principles and concepts, establish commercial ventures and create new asset classes such a student loans and financial guarantees. UK Government Investments will discuss their role in the stewardship and governance of a portfolio of government shareholdings and how they support corporate finance professionals working across government.


Matthew Rees is Director of the NAO’s Commercial Hub, which leverages the NAO’s wide range of parliamentary reports about government performance to provide insights across public procurement and commercial arrangements, corporate finance and regulation. Matthew has led a wide range of NAO studies, including the use of supply chain finance in the NHS, the privatisation of Royal Mail, the UK guarantees scheme for infrastructure investment and landscapes of government companies and financial institutions. Matthew qualified at KPMG, where he worked on public sector audit before moving to corporate finance and investment banking. He has served as a NED at Gemserv Limited, a business process outsourcing company, and is a member of the ICAEW’s Supervisory Council. His public sector career spans Competition and Markets Authority, Ofwat and the Single Source Regulations Office.


The National Audit Office supports parliament in holding government to account by producing high-quality audits, including financial audit, value for money studies and investigations.

Thursday, 24 November 2022

15:00 - 15:45 GMT



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    Matthew Rees
    Director of Commercial Hub & Insights Team
    National Audit Office
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
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