Has The Banking Sector Run Out Of Options For Further IT System Energy Savings?

Carbon footprint and ESG credentials of enterprises including those in the banking and financial services industry have been hot topics of late. Equally, cost of energy and cost of IT infrastructure has been a key topic for many CTOs and CIOs in enterprises. But are we already doing the best that we could? Is it possible to further lower carbon footprint, and lower energy costs?

Data centers are already running at PUE of 1.0x. How could we possibly further optimize? Public clouds are operating at scales beyond what many people can imagine, and should therefore have efficiencies of scale. Is it the truth or it is just fallacy.

This presentation will look at where we are right now. Whether there is anything else to further optimize, and if so, potential approaches, while meeting organizational and business objectives.

With Sardina’s technology, an average Bank should save GBP 16.5 Million annually — simply by more efficiently managing workloads and intelligently powering down excess servers. FishOS technology has been proven to run multiple national scale cloud infrastructures in Germany.

Sardina is currently completing an EIS round of up to GBP 5 Million, assisted by Jodi Bartin at Citicourt & Co


Kenneth Tan is responsible for building Sardina Systems as a leader in automated, flexible, efficient, and scalable OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ceph platforms. He has 20+ years of prior experience at CloudFabriQ, Qontix, BNP Paribas, OptimaNumerics. Ken’s area of expertise is supercomputing, cloud computing, AI, systems integration and optimization.

Ken has been working on FishOS concept since 2014, developed most of the software in 2015-2017 and took the product to market in 2018. Until recently he has been singlehandedly running Sardina Systems as a profitable and rapidly growing commercial entity.

Ken previously led from founding to exit, OptimaNumerics, a software firm that specialized in high-performance numerical libraries.

Ken has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Reading and BS in Geomatics Engineering from University of Calgary.

Jodi Bartin is a respected corporate financier in London, with a high profile career as an formidable corporate negotiator and as a complex technology expert. She has over 25 years’ experience in finance, starting her career in finance as an advanced corporate finance analyst advising companies such as ABB, ABN AMRO, Pepsi and a number of other blue chips companies on WAAC and financial risk. Jodi runs Citicourt, yet is proud that at her heart is an analyst and relatively proficient, even still, with excel and modelling! Jodi is said to benefit from above average all around capabilities and whilst still very likable, she loves working with complex companies, highly intelligent and complex entrepreneurs and complex technologies.

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

11:00 - 11:45 GMT


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  • Kenneth Tan
    Kenneth Tan
    Executive Director
    Sardina Systems
  • Jodi Bartin
    Jodi Bartin
    Citicourt & Co Ltd
  • Hugh Morris
    Hugh Morris
    Senior Research Partner
    Z/Yen Group