From Paper Tape To Low Latency Data – A Lifetime In Market Data

Herbie's Alma Mater Reuters has a proud history of pushing technical boundaries to their limits to build unique global products with high standards for availability, speed, accuracy and, latterly, openness. In the early days, they had to use in-house developed technology building their own hardware and operating systems. They kept up with the cutting edge of technology through in-house research and leveraging developments coming out of universities, research outfits and the proverbial two guys in a garage.

The fundamental challenges have not changed much over the last hundred years. In the 1850s the avalanche of market data was a problem that the London Stock Exchange had to tackle as the telegraph networks became congested.

Herbie will present a quick tour of some areas where he and his former colleagues have used technology with varying levels of success and then finish with a discussion of where today’s technology – especially technology from academia and research houses - can be deployed.


Herbie Skeete is the founder and managing director of Mondo Visione, the leading source of insight and knowledge about the world’s exchanges and trading venues. Skeete also organises the Mondo Visione Exchange Forum. Formerly a senior Reuters executive, and a main board director of Multex pre and post IPO, Herbie is an adviser to two FinTech companies, Senasen and CryptoCompare.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

11:00 - 11:45 London Time


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    Herbie Skeete
    Managing Director
    Mondo Visione
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
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