Financial Centres Of The World 2020: Focus On Casablanca
Webinar - Morocco

Webinar Recording

This webinar focussed on developments in Casablanca Finance City, which has established itself as an African financial and business hub and leading African financial centre. We learnt about how Casablanca is making waves and how to do business in Africa.

About Casablanca Finance City:

Recognised as the leading financial centre in Africa, and partner of the largest financial centers, CFC has built a strong and thriving community of members across four major categories: financial companies, regional headquarters of multinationals, service providers and holdings.

CFC offers its members an attractive value proposition and a premium “Doing Business” support that fosters the deployment of their activities in Africa.

Driven by the ambition to cater to its community, CFC is committed to promoting its members expertise across the continent, while enabling fruitful business and partnership synergies through its networking platform.

We heard from Mr Saïd Ibrahimi, CEO of Casablanca Finance City, Mrs Manal Bernoussi, Director of Strategy, Partnerships & Communications at CFC, and Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chair of Z/Yen, about key developments in Casablanca and its strengths as a financial hub at the “crossroads of continents”.

Thursday, 04 June 2020

12:00 - 12:45


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  • Said Ibrahimi
    Mr Saïd Ibrahimi
    Casablanca Finance City
  • Manal Bernoussi
    Mrs Manal Bernoussi
    Director of Strategy, Partnerships & Communications
    Casablanca Finance City
  • michael Mainelli.png
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Executive Chairman
    Z/Yen Group
  • Mike 3 (2)-min.jpg
    Mike Wardle
    Head Of Indices
    Z/Yen Group

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