Environment, Social & Governance: Is The Promise Of ESG False ? Or Will It Be Our Saviour?
Webinar - Debate

The ESG debate has begun. Organisations are looking at how to score well in the ESG rankings but are ESG a driver for change? The FS Technology panel of the WCIT used its first event on the subject to look at ESG in the round, to explore its history, assess its promise, its relevance to the City and us as a livery company, and to learn how Government plans to promote good ESG practice. For our second event in the series, we are asking you to join us to debate and help answer the key questions:

  • Will the ESG movement deliver its promise? By 2030/2050?
  • Does self-scoring and box-ticking point to Greenwashing?
  • Will responsible behaviour from Corporates and Individuals result in positive and real-life impact?

Come and hear our panel debate the issues before making up your mind.

Speakers on “Yes, the promise of ESG is false”:

Jenny Knott and Mike Wardle

Speakers on “No, the promise of ESG is not false – ESG is our saviour”:

Richard Peers and Laurent Rousseau

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

18:00 - 19:05 GMT


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  • Mike Wardle
    Director, Head of Indices
    Z/Yen Group
  • Jenny Knott
    FinTech Strategic Advisors
  • Richard Peers
    Responsible Risk
  • Laurent Rousseau
    Deputy CEO
    SCOR Global P&C
  • Professor Michael Mainelli
    Executive Chairman
    Z/Yen Group