Difficult Questions: Saving Management Consultancy From Itself

Often the subject of cynical and dismissive media coverage, that emphasises high day rates, over-reliance on management jargon and little added value, management consultancy is a much-maligned profession. Yet, at their best, consultants help organisations set new directions, manage change effectively and generally improve business performance.

Is it a profession with a future and how can consultants avoid joining the ranks of scriveners, patten-makers and other redundant occupations? Can those who claim to master change for their clients, change enough to survive? Drawing on research carried out by the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence, this webinar will ask some uncomfortable questions and propose where answers can be found. The ultimate beneficiaries of this process? Clients – and the long-term survival of the profession.


Nick Bush is the Director of the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence (CMCE), a voluntary organisation that is an open and collaborative for the assessment and sharing of leading and emerging practices in management consulting. Working in and around consulting since the early 1980s, Nick has consulted to organisations in sectors from chemicals to communications, government and financial services. He currently focuses on providing support to non-profit organisations as both an advisor and trustee.

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

10:00 - 10:45 GMT


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    Nick Bush
    Centre For Management Consulting Excellence (CMCE)