Creating The World's First Market In Environmental Services

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For too long the natural world has been pillaged and depleted. But now what was only recently considered expendable wasteland is becoming recognised as a vast source of value providing services worth billions of pounds annually to the world economy by nurturing biodiversity, cleaning the air, sequestering carbon, delivering water, and providing livelihoods to tens of millions of people. Yet remarkably it remains untapped by international investment markets. Markets may have been its nemesis in the past, but through creative economic thinking they can now be transformed into its saviour. This webinar explains how environmental services can be turned into a major investment opportunity while simultaneously providing much needed debt-free capital investment for green economic development and social infrastructure in emerging economies.


Simon Lamb is an environmental policy innovator, passionate conservationist, and prize-winning author with life-long experience in business and investment. He began his working career in financial services, and is founder/CEO of a successful art business in Dorset, as well as a farmer (now retired). For the past 25 years he has studied evolution, human development and market economics in the context of their combined impact on the natural world and human society. His book, Junglenomics (2019), represents the culmination of insights into the underlying causes of the world environment crisis, and presents a unified plan to address them based on natural systems - "ecosystem economics". Simon presents economies as “virtual ecosystems” in which the speed of evolution has outstripped its ability to develop symbiotic relationships that complete the cycle of resources found in Nature, and sees the constructive disruption of environmentally damaging markets as the only viable way forward for humanity. Simon is a commission member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and Lambda Alpha International. He is married with four sons and four grandchildren.

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

11:00 - 11:45 BST



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