Can I Really Be An Inventor If I Work In Finance? How & When To Obtain Patent Protection For Financial Innovations

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Patents are the most powerful of intellectual property rights providing a monopoly for products, processes and other inventive concepts. Whilst there are no surprises amongst the top patent filers such as Huawei, Samsung and Qualcomm, a number of financial institutions, including Bank of America and Amex, are increasing their patent filings each year. Innovators within these institutions aren’t working in laboratories wearing white coats yet they are still being named as patent inventors and adding value to their organisations. What is being patented by them and why are they doing it? How can your own financial and software innovations be protected using the patent system, and how do patents add value to an organisation? In this webinar, Howard will explain all of this and more, as well as providing you the means to keep track of your competitors’ patent filings and grants.


Dr Howard Sands is a Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney and European Design Attorney and a partner of Boult Wade Tennant LLP.

Howard previously worked as a management consultant in financial services of a global consultancy firm. His technical experience in banking and IT coupled with his academic physics background provides a deep understanding behind the important technological advances driving the world economy.

He has particular experience with computer-implemented inventions that use machine learning and artificial intelligence, blockchain and distributed ledger, cryptography, and hardware virtualisation and works with clients across multiple business sectors from financial services, telecommunications, aviation, academic institutions and their spin-out companies.

He advises on patent infringement and validity and has substantial experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications before the UK and European Patent Offices as well as coordinating the prosecution of foreign applications as part of larger patent portfolios.

Howard provides a strong commercial focus when advising his clients on their patent strategies. Whether working with patent departments of large multinationals or small start-ups, Howard’s aim is to obtain the best possible patent coverage and protect his clients’ technology investments.

Monday, 14 September 2020

11:00 - 11:45 London Time


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