The Quantum Threat (& Opportunity) To Financial Services
Breakfast & Presentation

The post-quantum cryptography (“PQC”) problem will threaten the security of the world’s computer networks when large-scale quantum computers become available. The problem exists because such quantum computers would be able to break the security of widely-used public key cryptography, which allows remote parties to communicate securely and authenticate transactions and data without sharing a secret key in advance. It is uncertain when (and if) such quantum computers will become available - the nearest estimates are 10 to 15 years. Fortunately, there are good solutions to the PQC problem, and better ones are emerging. The hard questions for individual computer system operators involve when and how to address the PQC problem, given its uncertain timing and the evolving solutions.

Speaker - Maury Shenk's experience focuses at the intersection of technology, law and business. He is founder and managing director of Lily Innovation, through which he handles a portfolio of activities including private equity and corporate finance, legal advisory, directorships, start-up investing and teaching/writing. Maury is a dual-qualified US/UK lawyer and former managing partner of the London office of global law firm Steptoe & Johnson, where he remains an advisor; general counsel of China-based private equity fund Spring Capital Asia; and director of testing and certification company PeopleCert and recycling compliance company Valpak. He has a deep practical understanding of technology, especially IT and telecommunications, artificial intelligence, information security and green technology. Maury is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School. He is a lover of languages – a native speaker of English (the American version), proficient in French and Russian, comfortable in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, and dilettante in German, Italian and Norwegian. He is also an avid competitive and recreational sailor.

Chair - Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman Z/Yen Group

Panellist - Henry Price, From Theoretical Physics Group and Centre for Complexity Science, Imperial College London

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08.30 Registration and continental breakfast
09.00 Speaker presentation and Q & A
10.00 Coffee and networking
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Thursday, 18 July 2019

8:30 - 10:45

£ 59.00

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  • Maury Shenk
    Maury Shenk
    Managing Director
    Lily Innovation
  • Henry Price
    Doctoral Candidate
    Imperial College London

85 Gresham Street

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