Global Security Challenges: What Is Achievable To Make Us Safe?

This major Cityforum series looks at global security challenges through the lens of the transatlantic relationship and the implications for both countries. It carries forward from previous series developed in conjunction with UK and US security and intelligence agencies. The challenges loom large including shifts in geopolitics, bio threats, climate change and the ever-growing dependence on technology. This Cityforum programme explores how the world is changing (and how it has changed as a result of Covid). But more importantly it looks at the options and responses available to governments, their agencies (including the military, security and intelligence services, law enforcement and emergency services) in the UK and the US. And it will seek to bring the best of thinking from both sides of the Atlantic to focus on how the two countries can work together to promote greater collective security and resilience. The programme focuses less on analysis of the problems and more on hard-headed and informed discussion of what can be done to deal with them. The Head of SIS recently described ‘adapting to a world affected by the rise of China’ as the single greatest priority for the Service. In the New York Times recently Matt Pottinger and David Feith described ‘data as the oil of the 21st century’ and warned recently that China is the biggest data broker in the world, and that it is winning a competition for global influence in which the West is barely even engaged.

This closing session is developed and chaired by Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman, Z/Yen Group, and is the final part of the 2022 Cityforum series. The opening session from 2021 can be viewed here: Global Security Challenges: Existential Threats & Geopolitics

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

15:00 - 16:00 BST


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  • Hon Chris Inglis
    National Cyber Director
    White House
  • John Plender
    Financial Times
  • Maya Bundt
    Head Cyber and Digital Solutions
    Swiss Re
  • michael Mainelli.png
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Executive Chairman
    Z/Yen Group

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