Automated Horizon Scanning – Does This Really Reduce Organisational Risk

As well as small and exciting, the world is a big and dangerous place. Businesses round the world have been encouraged for the past few decades to pay more and more attention to risk and governance issues. Volatility and surprises persist (we didn’t even mention covid-19) while smooth waters ever recede. Survivability doesn’t seem to improve. Yet our approaches to non-financial risk are largely manual, mostly qualitative, and full of paperwork that no-one fully understands or reads. Is there an opportunity for automation?

This webinar will explore some existing automated approaches to handling operational risks of a wide variety:

  • Riskintel turns unstructured open source data into intelligence reports, for example on supplier-induced reputational risks;
  • Apomatix provides risk, asset, and control management systems for reporting and analysis.


Asad Ansari - Having worked within the consulting world for a number of years, Asad founded RiskIntel to help clients mitigate third-party reputational risk. This fit in well within his portfolio, as he's advised top tier institutions; banks, insurance companies; technology and pharmaceutical companies within risk and regulatory affairs.

He is also a Partner at AccrediNation, a global accreditation provider across multiple sectors with the aim to improve education standards and bring integrity and quality to Human Resources.

Away from business, Asad is a board member for the British Armed Forces interfaith and Defence communication group committee, candidate for City of London’s 2022 general elections and an Ambassador for Graham Layton Trust. More recently Asad is supporting the British Asian Trust on their Mental Health project in Pakistan.

Vartan Sarkissian - Prior to launching Apomatix (a Next Generation Risk Management software company), Vartan was the founder and CEO of two software companies, both successfully sold in 2009. HighTechTA (2004), an R&D lab, provided acoustic recognition and behavioural modelling technology for the growing mobile industry. (2006), a music streaming company in 2006 was the first to offer Hybrid Recommendation technology and a disruptive business model of 100% royalties.

After the sale of both companies, Vartan became the Founding Director of the first Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative (EastWest Institute), engaging 41 countries and C-Level executives of 300 critical organisations. Vartan has also held positions as Senior Advisor to Ernst & Young (EY) on Digital Transformation; he became a Founder in two cybersecurity encryption labs which he successfully exited within two years of founding. After which, he became the Founding Partner of KCS, an early stage venture fund. Earlier in his career Vartan was an Executive in Finance and Corporate Development at MGM Studios. Educated at the London School of Economics (LSE) Vartan holds a degree in Management Sciences and a double Master’s in Media and Communications.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

10:00 - 10:45 GMT


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    Asad Ansari
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    Vartan Sarkissian
    CEO & Founder
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
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